FAMILY   At FC Royale we want to be more than just a team your child plays on. We seek out a partnership with each family to ensure every player is placed on a team that is the best fit for their growth and development. The time we share with your children at practices and games is our opportunity to not only teach them about the sport we love, but to help them grow into productive adults that enjoy success on and off the field. Being a part of our team means becoming a part of our family. 

CULTURE   We focus on fostering a love of soccer that will last well into adulthood. While winning games is nice, our main focus is instilling a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sport: the tactics and strategies, relationships and rivalries. Soccer is more than just a game, it’s a means to connect with your friends, family, loved ones, and people you meet half-way around the world.

RESPECT   For a team and club to succeed there must be mutual respect. When this is achieved, each player is not only playing for themselves and their own success, but for the success of each and every member of the FC Royale family.  As a player develops respect and regard for coaches, teammates, opponents, and referees, they also develop respect and self esteem for themselves. 


an individual
commitment to a group effort.


Soccer is very clearly a team sport. And we want our players to rely on one another through commitment, cooperation, and communication. Our goal is for our players, coaches, and families to support one another not just in victory, but in defeat and failure. If we see a teammate struggling, that’s not the time to watch, but to take action and help. A lesson we want our players to carry into their everyday lives.



We believe kids are capable of much more if they are properly motivated and inspired. Practices are constructed to push, challenge, and inspire maximum effort from each player. When an entire team commits to this expectation, amazing things can happen. Players learn that they can achieve more than they thought, whether it be on the pitch, in the classroom, or at home.