Although we strive to keep FC Royale fees in line with fees of other soccer clubs in San Francisco, we do not compete on price. We compete on the quality of our overall program and focus on the development of each player. By joining FC Royale, you don’t just join the club, you join the FC Royale family, where independent of age, gender, or ability, we attempt to nurture the highest possible soccer development of each individual player. Provided that a player is interested in soccer and wants to learn and improve, we will deliver the environment for that growth. We only work with coaches that are truly passionate about the beautiful game of soccer, personally played at a high level, have the skill to teach, and possess a genuine desire to coach. Our teams will be compromised of SF residents, with the opportunity to include a maximum of two non-residents per team.

Team formation for our Micro programs happen on a season-by- season basis. Our recreational and competitive programs requires an annual commitment. Please understand that to retain the best coaches, we must ensure they are working with teams on an annual basis. The same dedication and care we offer our players extends to our coaches. We provide them with every opportunity to advance their coaching skills by working closely with them and encouraging their participation in coaching education through the U.S. Soccer Federation.


Micro Soccer through U15 (’05 birth year) are offered for both boys and girls.

Micro: $500 per season
Recreational (SFYS Rec):  $1,350 Annual Club Fee; winter futsal $350.
SF Competitive (SFYS Comp): $2300 Annual Club Fee (includes winter futsal)
Travel Competitive - (NorCal): $2,500 Annual Club Fee
Uniform Fee: Approx. $125/player (all teams).
Futsal: The club highly recommends participation in winter futsal for player development, even if your child can't commit to all practices and games. Most competitive teams elect to play futsal. Futsal is included in all competitive team yearly fees, and is an option for recreational teams.


      SEASONS: Fall, Winter (futsal), Spring
      PRACTICES: Fall & Spring: 2/week on SFRPD field; 1/week non SFRPD field (beach, track, indoor)
      Winter: 1/week


      SEASONS: Fall, Winter (futsal), Spring
      PRACTICES: Fall & Spring: 2/week; Winter: 1/week
      TOURNAMENTS: extra cost

      SEASONS: Fall and/or Spring (Winter futsal optional + fee)
      PRACTICES: Fall & Spring: 1/week; Winter: optional w/extra cost

   Micro (Viking League)
      SEASONS: Fall or Spring
      PRACTICES: 1/week


For recreational and micro teams, each player is guaranteed a minimum of 50% of the total game time. For all other leagues, it is up to the coaches discretion.

Due to regulations, guest players can only be used on a very limited basis. This will be done for special circumstances or when there are player shortages.

FC Royale Scholarships

FC Royale provides opportunity to youth soccer players from all socio-economic backgrounds.  We dedicate a significant amount of our budget for scholarships to families who demonstrate need and/or hardship.

In addition to scholarship guidelines set by SFRPD for 50% and 100% scholarships levels, FC Royale may provide additional scholarships from 25% to 100% based on demonstrated need of scholarship applicant's family.

Click here to download the Scholarship Application Form.  Please send the completed form and a copy of your most recent IRS 1040 or parents' Pay Stubs for the application, along with any additional hardship evidence to:  david.noii@fcroyale.com

For more information, please contact David Noii at: david.noii@fcroyale.com

San Francisco Rec & Park (SFRPD) Scholarship Guidelines

FC Royale will adhere to scholarship guidelines published by SFRPD for participants in SFRPD's recreational program.  More information can be found here: https://sfrecpark.org/permits-and-reservations/sf-based-youth-programs-approved-public-benefit-rules/

  • 50% scholarship will be provided to ANY player where the Applicant’s household income is equal to or less than 250% of the current federal poverty level, as determined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Federal Poverty Guidelines. The current levels are:

    • Family of 2: $38,100

    • Family of 3: $51,050

    • Family of 4: $61,500

    • Add $ 10,450 for each additional family member

  • 100% scholarship will be offered to any participant eligible (up to 2 per team), although a team may require a good faith commitment payment of up to $100. Full scholarships will be offered to team members that meet the above standard and also participate in any 2 of the following:

    • Medi-cal – must provide current Notice of Action letter

    • CalWORKS – must provide current Notice of Action letter

    • Food Stamp – must provide current Notice of Action letter

    • Public Housing Authority – must provide rent receipt

More Info

Click here to download FC Royale Scholarship Application Form.  

Additional information about SFRPD's scholarship guidelines can be found here: http://sfrecpark.org/recreation-community-services/recreation-program-scholarships/