What to wear/bring?

We recommend players come equipped with the following:
   • Soccer clothes : shirt, shorts, soccer socks, shinguards
   • Cleats or turf shoes
  • Layers. This is SF, after all
  • Waterbottle
  • Soccer Ball (clearly marked with their name)
  • A good night's sleep and a positive attitude

What is the format of your tryout?

We will start with 1v1 drills, then move to small-sided games (3v3), and finish with a larger scrimmage (7v7, 9v9, or 11v11).

Can I come to a different age group tryout if I have been playing up (i.e., born in 2008, but playing on 2007 team)?

No. We require all kids to come to their true age group tryout. Decisions will be made by the coaching staff on placement of each child and will be reflected in your offer letter.

Do Boys '07 or Boys '09 need to attend both tryout days/times?

We encourage those players to attend both days. Given the condensed nature of tryouts, we want to ensure we have as much time as possible to assess each child. 

When will I hear if my child made one of your teams?

Teams can begin making offers to players & parents starting Saturday, May 12, 2018. 
Per SFYS rules, players who are offered spots must accept offers by 5pm, May 18 or their offers may be rescinded. 

What is a callback?

We have reserved field space on Sunday, May 13th from 6-7:30 at Beach Chalet, specifically for callbacks.
Callbacks provide an opportunity for our coaches to take a closer look at certain players and make a more informed decision on how and where they would fit into the club. This will typically be a smaller group setting.

Should I be worried if my player does not receive a callback?

Definitely not. A callback is not a good or bad thing. It is simple one more chance for coaches to assess players they may not have felt they were able to get a complete look at.

Can I watch my child’s tryout?

Absolutely, but we ask that you refrain from coaching, cheering on, or in any way interfering with the tryout process.

How much does it cost to play for FC Royale?

Fee information is available here. If you have difficulty affording the club, there is also scholarship information available on that page.